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It's a while since anything's happened here, so I thought I'd better update everyone on what's currently going on. We're trying to start up again, and we need people to let us know whether or not they want to continue playing. Below is a list of characters that might be useful to those looking to join us for the first time - existing players may find it helpful if they need to update their friend lists.

Those in italics have yet to confirm their continued interest in the roleplay - these characters will become available if their players decide not to carry on.

Character -- RP Journal -- Maintainer

Kalas -- _one_winged -- yhibiki
Xelha -- innocent_savior -- pumpkinchao
Gibari -- man_of_the_sky -- slash_fanatic
Lyude -- _lyude_ -- amidoh
Savyna -- warrior_savyna -- ladykaiyu
Mizuti -- thegreatmizuti -- cruxis
King Ladekahn -- flameofdiadem -- daredelvil
Queen Corellia -- queen_corellia -- angeluszion
Barnette -- _barnette_ -- angeluszion
Kodelle -- free
Catranne -- free
Glamyss -- free
Geldoblame -- free
Giacomo -- giacomo996 -- cyclone996 (currently on holiday, very likely to confirm continued interest upon return)
Ayme -- crazyrabbitayme -- ladykaiyu
Folon -- chaoticfolon -- cruxis
Skeed -- _skeed_ -- amidoh
Vallye -- vaylle -- minachi
Melodia -- ladymelodia -- daredelvil
Calbren -- free
Rodolfo -- free
Kamroh -- free
Krumly -- free
Kee -- free
Fadroh -- free
Azdar -- free

And since someone last collected all the updates together:

Ayme is rather irritated that the party have escaped Folon's clutches.

Skeed informs Giacomo of some updates to his orders.

The party arrives in Opu.

Lyude reflects on Opu, and Gibari does similar.

Folon schemes with his colleagues.

Xelha muses on the subject of Kalas, among other things, and then allows herself a small moment of triumph when she turns out to be right about the cookies.

The party goes looking for Savyna and eventually locates her.

Now one stronger, the party ascends the Celestial Tree. Savyna wonders how much her companions trust her.

Giacomo is kind enough to alleviate my boredom by writing to me.

Do whack me if I've missed anything, won't you?
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Oh. God. The icons are so old. x.x

*excited!* Can this one code the names and journals and all into a table so it's prettier~?
You're better to bug Lyude about that - he seems to have hold of the strings on the OOC journal, and frankly we need all this on the info page. I was hoping he'd take what I've got here from the post and put it in the info section, but now he's buggered off for a week and that leaves us a bit stuck. Does sound like a good idea, though.
It is all on the info page except for the bit about the Xelha player, as we didn't have one previous.

... How terrible is it that I only really got around to handing the comm off about three months ago? Honestly, if I'd had a little patience I'd be able to do that modly stuff now.

Eh. I'll code it up anyhow.
Not all of it, actually - we've had some journals change hands as well. This is the latest information I could get my hands on.

Ah well - don't worry about it. Lyude'll be back online on Saturday and then you can poke him about it with the code already finished. ^^