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Oh no! Another Meme for Lyude XD

  • ayme:
    Is slightly psychotic, I must say. Though she might have her reasons; I just have to find them.
  • corellia:
    Intelligent, pretty, rich, powerful, neutral. Not really much else to say.
  • fadroh:
    ... is slightly disturbing, but he has cool hair.
  • geldoblame:
    icky. Old. Wrinkly. Perverted. Kill him, someone, please.
  • gibari:
    Very much fun to be around. Is almost obliviously optimistic in any situation.
  • ladekahn:
    Love of my life =^.^= I love Ladekahn to bits, I really do. I want to spend the rest of my life in his arms.
  • melodia:
    Pretty, in a sort of slightly odd way.
  • ooc:
    ook to you too.
  • rpgs:
    can't live without 'em.
  • skeed:
    ... I wish he weren't my brother, simple as that. I wish he would leave me alone. I wish he would love me too. I wish he would give me respect. I wish he would stop making plans to rape me behind my back (yes, Skeed, I do know about those)

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