Gibari (man_of_the_sky) wrote in batenkaitosooc,

Gibari returns

So yeah, hey ya'll. I'm slash_fanatic and I will be role-playing Gibari from now on as it would seem. O_o I was kinda rushed into it without much discussion, but yeah, I'm here. xD;;;

Thanks to minachi for giving me her character journal. Um, I suppose I'll change the layout and icons so I can make it more of my own I suppose. ^^;

Also thanks to amidoh for passing the word onto me and stuff. w00tness

So yes, I have a few questions:

How is the RP done here? I'm guessing the main characters are following the story line of the game?

Where did Gibari last leave off with everyone else here? Or does that not matter? >_>

When do people RP? Whenever possible?

I think that's all I want to ask. If there's anything else you need to tell me or ask me, please do. Otherwise, I'm ready to RP. x3
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