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The Baten Kaitos RPG OOC Area's Journal

Sunday, July 30, 2006

11:17AM - Back!

Everyone, look! We're back! Time to really get this thing back to life, no?

My posts may or may not be sporadic over the next few days due to unforseen incidents in personal life. Check amidoh for details if I'm missing.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

4:17PM - Y'know.

Since this is the OOC community, I'm just going to go out on a limb and not play in character. XD

That said. This post can be ignored. Formatting.Collapse )

Saturday, July 22, 2006

1:05AM - Going away ._.

Unfortunately, the person who helps me looks after my journal on this confounded mocputer thingamajig (that would be amidoh, for those of you who weren't sure) has decided to go on holiday for a week. Seeing as neither Skeed nor myself have yet worked out her password for the log-in screen, we won't be able to keep in touch over this next week. So. Um. See you next Saturday, everyone!

(Sorry for the inconvenience, guys X_x I would rather stay home, but you know how it is)

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Friday, July 21, 2006

10:09AM - Update!

It's a while since anything's happened here, so I thought I'd better update everyone on what's currently going on. We're trying to start up again, and we need people to let us know whether or not they want to continue playing. Below is a list of characters that might be useful to those looking to join us for the first time - existing players may find it helpful if they need to update their friend lists.

Characters So Far...Collapse )

And since someone last collected all the updates together:

Ayme is rather irritated that the party have escaped Folon's clutches.

Skeed informs Giacomo of some updates to his orders.

The party arrives in Opu.

Lyude reflects on Opu, and Gibari does similar.

Folon schemes with his colleagues.

Xelha muses on the subject of Kalas, among other things, and then allows herself a small moment of triumph when she turns out to be right about the cookies.

The party goes looking for Savyna and eventually locates her.

Now one stronger, the party ascends the Celestial Tree. Savyna wonders how much her companions trust her.

Giacomo is kind enough to alleviate my boredom by writing to me.

Do whack me if I've missed anything, won't you?

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Okay, it's pretty much safe to say that the RP is DEAD, right? And that's because I joined and really didn't do much.


So, in order to revive the RP, why don't we stray away from how it's going so far? Instead of retracing the steps of the game, how about we just role play with whoever we want and make up our own story and let people jump in as they please and such? Like, for instance, since it's going to be Christmas soon, we could start a thread where, say, Xellha wants to go Xmas shopping and she somewhat forces Kalas to go with her (lol) and then anyone else can jump in and they just happen to bump into them and whatnot? This will give the chance for those characters/people that haven't had the chance to role play yet as well.

It's just an idea. Pretty much any activity is welcome, I would imagine. Come on people! *cracks whip*

Thursday, September 22, 2005

4:52PM - Oh no! Another Meme for Lyude XD

Sorry, everyone, I get carried away when I see these things ~ LyudeCollapse )

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Monday, September 19, 2005

7:01PM - um...oops?

I just wanted to apologize for disappearing lately. I'm back, and I've posted.

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8:14PM - Lyude wants to piss about ^^

Hello! Lyude here; amidoh has kindly allowed me to play with one of her bookmarked pages on the Internet favourites list. Whatever that means. So, um... here you go. I hope it amuses you.

The Random Question Meme!Collapse )

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5:57PM - RAR! T_T

I can understand why people may not post as frequently, due to school and college and university and, well, life, but we promised each other that this RP would NOT DIE! RAR! So let's rescusitate now and bring everything back to life, if only to live up to our promise. (plus I'm getting bored, having finished my homework and getting home to find no one's posted. And I want everyone to get to Alfard soon. Skeed is bored XD)

So come on, guys! Posteth thee!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

3:59PM - Gibari returns

So yeah, hey ya'll. I'm slash_fanatic and I will be role-playing Gibari from now on as it would seem. O_o I was kinda rushed into it without much discussion, but yeah, I'm here. xD;;;

Thanks to minachi for giving me her character journal. Um, I suppose I'll change the layout and icons so I can make it more of my own I suppose. ^^;

Also thanks to amidoh for passing the word onto me and stuff. w00tness

So yes, I have a few questions:

How is the RP done here? I'm guessing the main characters are following the story line of the game?

Where did Gibari last leave off with everyone else here? Or does that not matter? >_>

When do people RP? Whenever possible?

I think that's all I want to ask. If there's anything else you need to tell me or ask me, please do. Otherwise, I'm ready to RP. x3

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

9:55PM - Gibari!

Roleplayers and roleplayerettes (XD!), the time has arisen where we desperately need to find a new Gibari. Unless a current member wishes to take over the post of Gibari, go advertise to all your friends who like Baten Kaitos and roleplaying.

Contact me by IM (I'm on AIM and MSN, though I work on GMT, so I might not be on the same time as you guys) or by email so I can send the username and password for the existing Gibari journal.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

1:15AM - Happenings Update

Since the last update:

Folon has another bitch about the waiting.

The Great Mizuti is still most definitely not lost, but may have taken that wrong turn twice.

Melodia is as bored as all hell in Mira.

Things in the library (see previous) are finished up with Savyna's rescue.

Xelha asks for opinions on Savyna, and waxes poetic about Komo Mai cookies.

Kalas writes Melodia again, surprise surprise.

Folon has some fun with photography (line art by amidoh; colour by yhibiki; background, recolour and text by cruxis - all to the best of my knowledge, please correct me if I'm wrong).

Lyude talks about the battle, losing his temper and serendipity.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

4:09PM - Introduction


Look, we have a Xelha now. Only, I'm Kalas' player too, so you all already know me. I just thought I'd let you know that we have her so you can update flists and stuff.

Also, I poke you all into activity! XO

11:34AM - Gnah!

O_o it has to be said. This is completely random and off topic, but still, it has to be said. The screen name I use while not roleplaying doesn't have a capital 'a' XD No matter how many times to try to convince me it does, it's still plain old 'amidoh'. Even at the beginning of a sentence, where logic dictates there must be a capital, it's still... amidoh. Look. amidoh. Muah. It's not hard XD

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

10:56AM - Happenings Update!

Since last time, so much has happened! ^^; my turn to fill in the blanks.

Kalas updates the situations concerning Komo Mai and the Ancient Library.

Lyude has another angst, though this time because he's scared of skeletons (and peeved that Kalas wouldn't let him have cookies).

Kalas and Melodia amuse themselves by gossiping about Lyude and Ladekahn's relationship.

Folon goes off on a rant about how Emperor Geldoblame smells.

Giacomo leaves with some helpful advice about maggots.

Savyna sees the travelling party and decides to stalk them.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Internet problems = little to no activity. Many apologies. Folon so wants to get in there and kick some be-hotch ass, you know...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

5:18PM - O_o

I'm back! XP Every single muscle in my body aches (even those I never knew existed O_o), I've jarred my neck and I've been pining for a computer. Yes, it was fun, the water skiing and whatnot that I did, but it HURTS! T_T

Arent you pleased I'm back? XD

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

9:04PM - Me here

Okies! Please excuse my dead-ness! :D

I'm alive. Just in marching band. FEAR MY MAD PIT SKILLZ, YO!! xD Which is bound to take up some time. I'll be commenting/RP-ing as much as possible, but just be forewarned that I'm not going to be as active as I normally would. But I'll try! TT_TTb

Also, my Vaylle journal is up - vaylle :D I heart the icon on there like woah.

Thankies! I shall be on here when my free time permits it!


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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I shall make a 3rd person POV post in the BKRP comm, and everybody posts as it happens. So that the ancient library can include Folon as well as Savyna.

If you like.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

9:38AM - OOC: ^^;

Hi everyone. Before I go away for a week *sobs* no roleplay from me *endsobs* I wanna give you these. Speshul icons with a little help from a tutorial that a certain vs_malik sent me.

;_; don't wanna go awayCollapse )

Don't miss me too much, buhbye!

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